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The GN 915 is the steel rule cutting dynamo that drives your continuous thermoforming productivity. Built on proven technology and supported by our industry-leading service department, the 915 is a pinnacle of productivity.

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Built with you in mind

915 Reasons Why

The oversized 865mm by 915mm forming area of the GN 915 allows for the forming of larger parts and bigger sheets. Get more done in less time with the 915.

Decades of Proven Performance

Why reinvent the wheel? The GN 915 is built with the most established and reliable technology and components on the market. Driven by effective and efficient electric servo technology, it’s rugged, reliable, and built to last.

Unrivaled Tooling Compatibility

Change to: The GN 915 was designed to readily accept competitor tooling from Sencorp 2500 and Kiefel KMD 90 machines.

Downtime is not in our vocabulary

We engineered the GN 915 to require minimal maintenance. Its rugged construction continues GN’s legacy of reliable, low-upkeep form-cut-stack equipment, so you can keep your workflow moving. If anything does go wrong, our expert service department will get you back up and running, ASAP.
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Decades of Proven Reliability

With the combined backing and expertise of BMG, GN’s latest product is its largest and most productive thermoformer to date.

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