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Our first-of-its-kind robotic trim press handler will transform your packaging operations. Say goodbye to labour-intensive counting, separation and packing. Reduce your labour requirements by up to 75% with BMG’s Mantis trim press handler.

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Revolutionize Your Workflow

You may have heard big claims about previous trim press automation technologies. This time, you can believe the hype. Learn how Mantis can save you time and money by improving the efficiency and quality of your trim press handling operation.

Fully Automated Handling

Ideal for the handling of lids, cups, bowls, and clamshells, Mantis can automate counting and separation of parts from any trim press machine. Once configured, Mantis can reduce your trim press labour requirements by up to 75%.

Flexible Implementation

Built to adapt to your production space and setup, the modular Mantis unit can be configured to operate in nearly all trim press operations with a minimal footprint.

Quick-change Tooling

Mantis is far from a one-trick pony. Its quick change tooling design allows operators to change over its tooling in less than an hour, while RFID chips in each component ensure proper placement and installation before operation.

More than meets the eye

On the surface, the Mantis robotic trim press handler is pretty impressive. With optional features and upgrades, it can do even more. Analyze your production, remotely monitor the machine’s status, and receive predictive maintenance notifications to level up your automation even further.
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The solution to your labour crisis

Packaging manufacturers of all kinds know that automation is the future. For trim press operators, that future is now. Inflation, supply chain issues, and labour shortages erode your bottom line.
Mantis can help you get back to business: more productivity, less overhead, more profit. That’s what Mantis can offer you.

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